My Chapbook CLOTHESHORSE is available for purchase!

My book, CLOTHESHORSE, is in advance sales. My press run is determined by the advance sales and works best for me if the book is purchased during this time.

It is $14.

The release date at this time is Nov 7th.

It will not be available on Amazon until after the release date.

Thanks and good night!
Edit: It is available as well on amazon now.

And actually….you can buy my chap here! Click on this link and enter a world of awesomeness of ELJ titles! (Okay, apparently it is “officially” released next week. Oops. ) But you can still buy it now.

AntlersinashesEveryHerDies_Marketing SheetTo buy EveryHerDies : Click on this link.

Here is a link to an interview with me, “Breaking Bread,” with Ariana Den Bleyker at ELJ Publications.

I have four poems in the latest issue of Thirteen Myna Birds. Thanks to the lovely, “glitter witch” Juliet Cook! :) These poems were sort of inspired by the idea of Joan of Arc coming back from the dead- but I realized also as I continue to write more of them, that they center around her living life as well- albeit she is somewhat “altered” from the popular perception of her, maybe? question mark. question mark. :)