To purchase “Jeanne (Poems About Revenge, Ants, and Light )” you can pay pal $6 to Be About it Press.

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Thanks so much to poet/editor Alexandra Naughton who is reading in Oakland, CA in October!

Here is an interview up at Carpe Noctem that I gave to Nicole Rollender where I talk about girl fights (sort of) in two recent chapbooks. 🙂
Carpe Noctem

So these showed up today too. If you look closely, you can see the Be About it Press mascot, ‘Sookie,’ drawn on the box, next to something that looks like a jaw bone or a Kracken.

This is my chapbook, “Jeanne, (Poems About Revenge, Ants, and Light.) From Be About it Press. Thank you so much to editor Alexandra Naughton!Jeanne_cover_box
Be About it Press Zine and Reading Series


Here is “Jeanne” on a SHELF (!) at Diesel Books on College Ave in CA.My editor’s book is next to mine, because she is awesome, and just got her second book published.