I have four poems up at Eunoia Review this weekend. These are from my chapbook “The Vitamix and the Murder of Crows.” Thanks very much to editor Ian Chung.

Eunoia Review

From “Robot Heads:”

…/ two crows / attracted to wire / create thievery small / me undressing in the alcove / the silence / an open window / the heads watch / shadow cat / times two / the sun / waiting for the signal / streams in from the East the hard drives silent / torsos smash / where to turn on / when to press off


Much gratitude to Jordan A Rothacker who reviewed my poetry collection “The Messenger is Already Dead,” (from Stalking Horse Press,) which is up at The Believer today. How appropriate after Mother’s Day, Jordan writes this: “This she is darkly maternal (“she forced a worm down my throat”), this she is a warrior of various weapons (“She came out from under the bed/brought all legality thunder with her/procurement contracts and readiness,/repurposed grenades,/hag witch catastrophe”). MacBain-Stephens has trained us to find Joan anywhere. Any she can be Joan if she listens.” I love this review.

The Believer

Stalking Horse Press