Collections and Chapbooks:

“The Vitamix and the Murder of Crows” (full length) from Apocalypse Party Press. Copies available from author.

“We’re Going to Need a Higher Fence,” (full length) Copies available from author and from Lit Fest Press. 

“The Messenger is Already Dead,” (full length) is available for purchase from Stalking Horse Press.

“Your Best Asset is a White Lace Dress”  (first full length) First published by Yellow Chair Press. Copies available from author and from Amazon here.


Teeth Have a Hardness Scale of 5 from Sputnik and Fizzle Press.

The Female Citizens of Sunshine Nation Face off With Light Sucking Demons from Grey Book Press.

R O B O T is available from BPL Press: The Birds We Piled Loosely.

Buy Alaphalena  (micro chapbook) at Rinky Dink Press.

Buy Clown Machine here  from Grey Book Press. (Click on Titles, scroll down.)

Read my poem from “Clown Machine” “The Contortionist has Damaged Taste Buds” here at Literary Orphans.

Here is also “Styling the Bearded Lady”  from “Clown Machine”  at Cider Press Review. 

Buy my chapbook “The Visitant” here: Shirt Pocket Press

Here are some poems from “The Visitant” at Menacing Hedge.

Buy my chapbook “Every Her Dies” hereELJ Publications

“Every Her Dies” is also available to read at the Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange

Buy “Clotheshorse” here: Finishing Line Press

My chapbook “Backyard Poems” is available from Dancing Girl Press. You can buy it here.

(You can read three Backyard poems online here at Red Savina Review)

Read Backyard poem #10 at Toad le Journal.

Read Backyard poem #13 at Hobart.

Buy Jeanne (Poems About Light, Ants and Revenge) here: Be About it Press

xx poems is available to purchase from Crisis Chronicles Press here

(“xx poems” is a micro-chap.) Nine poems for $4.99, as part of the Ninesense series.

“Dixit: Every Picture Tells a Story, or, The Wrong Items” is an e-chap available to read free online at  White Knuckle Press.

“She Came out From Under the Bed (Poems Inspired by the Films of Guillermo del Toro)” is available to order from Dancing Girl Press.


Two Poems: Grist

Naming Names: Cleaver

Inked Green Guns: Bad Pony

The Deathless Paintings of Susie Norton: Yalobusha Review.

The Perch’s Mouth : Dream Pop Journal

One Hour: Prelude

The Vitamix and the Murder of Crows and A Wraith Reflection of You: Cosmonauts Avenue

You Led Your Wraith to My House: Datableed

After (or adding in bed)  and Solar System Tarot: Fire Sign: Jazz Cigarette

Woodland Creature and Trying to get inside, or off to the fish house Superstition Review

Cosmetic Technician: glittermob

Two Jenny Holzer Poems: Jet Fuel Review

I Was Going to Masturbate: Blue Stem

Clown Machine: decomp

Seven poems up at Poor Claudia inspired by Man Ray.

My poem “starlet” at Inter/rupture

Daughter: Emerge Literary Journal

I am an Mi6 Agent and Cross the Brook: Pith Journal

Two poems at Queen Mob’s Teahouse

One Robot poem is forthcoming from Prick of the Spindle (print.)

What to the What (after Phife Dawg.) Red Savina Review

Robot #15 (ornithology) at Really System

Two Robot poems here at Noble / Gas Quarterly

Fictional Long Take: Entropy’s Enclave

The Watcher : Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

Rust:  Burningwood Literary Journal

Birch trees:  Apeiron Review

Evolve:  Star 82 Review

Pink bug:  Thirteen Myna Birds (this poem isn’t currently listed but I was part of the flock.:)

Still:  Rufous City Review (Issue Ten)

Nest:  Stirring: A Literary Collection

Growth; It’s in the paint; Kickapoo Station:  Untitled with Passengers


It’s in the Paint

Kickapoo Station

Five poems in Zombie Logic Review.

(Because who doesn’t want to read about Josh Brolin’s girlfriend?)

Soft:  Gravel Magazine

Never Stop Improving: Sein und Werden

Weightless:  The New Poet

Magic trick:  Scapegoat Review

Lisa’s Ghost Twin Sister at the Grocery Store and She Ghost:   Menacing Hedge

Still #2:    Iowa City Poetry in Public Project

Dadaist:      Eunoia Review

Three poems: Cory in my pocket; On; and Closets:      Brickplight

Crystal ball in reverse:  Sassafras Literary Magazine

Lisa’s Ghost Twin Sister Tries to Go Home: The Missing Slate (placed in The Missing Slate’s Halloween Poetry Contest)

All That Glitters : River and South Review

Farm morning:   The Voices Project

Megan Dreams The Voices Project

Seven poems from my chapbook Every Her Dies were here: Thirteen Myna Birds  (January 11, 2014) (The “flock” is renewed every month- I was happy to be a part of it.)

Bitterzoet Magazine: Cockroach Tea Party

Blue Hour Magazine: The poems: “Chartreuse,” “James,” and “Mitten” will be online in April and May.

One poem in Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal

One poem in “Our Intimates and Our Fools” National Poetry Month celebration online at  Les Femmes Folles.

Two Poems,  at Underground Poems — These poems are also in an exclusive chapbook, New Manifestos that was sold at the New York Poetry Festival this summer!

One poem in Vector Press III ” all women’s issue.”  Great work in here from Sarah Winn, Margaret Bashaar, and other female identified writers.

New work is at or forthcoming from Nonbinary Review, Toad Suck Review (print), The Golden Walkman review, (where you can hear me read and chat,) and Hermeneutic Chaos Lit Journal.  

And again in Hermeneutic Chaos here.

One poem in  Dressing Room Poetry Journal Issue #9!

I have two poems up at Split Rock Review

Here is my poem “The Death of Romanticism” up at Quail Bell Magazine. 🙂 Explore the real and the unreal here: Lone Tree Nature Communes in a Dream Like Landscape.

Three poems from “Jeanne” here: Bareknuckle Poet: Journal of Letters 

One of five of my “Jeanne” poems up at Flapperhouse:

Several collaborative poems with Meg Tisinger can be read in Pretty Owl Poetry, Inferior Planets, and the Anthology “In The Words of Womyn.”

My poem “In the Pink” is going to be published in Uprooted: An Anthology on Gender and Illness (Stanford) and will also be available as an e-book and in print.

I am going to have a cool essay/letter thing up at Luna Luna soon! Thanks so much to editors Joanna C. Valente and Lisa Marie Basile- two of my favorite poets.

Here are some bird poems in Moss Trill,  and I have one poem in  issue 21 of eratio, and another one in issue 22.

So to Speak: one poem from “xx poems” here.

“Elementary Fermions” at Right Hand Pointing.

Here is my poem “JJ Abrams Talks to Himself in the Mirror” at Otis Nebula: Otis Nebula

My three poems, “I Want to be a Sundance Catalog Model,” “American Monster,” and “Gone, Gone, Gone” at  Apple Valley Review

I’m going to have a poem about liver in a University of Hell Press Anthology (print.)

Read my poem “Cast” at Verse Virtual here.

Excited to have poems accepted to the upcoming HYSTERIA Anthology,  Alyss and The Northern Virginia Review (print.)

So far in January, poems accepted by The Fem, Chiron Review (print,) and Pittsburgh Poetry Houses which is an awesome project that puts little books of poems in tiny libraries around the city of Pittsburgh.

Poems accepted at Otoliths, Uppagus Issue # 19, F.A.L.D.(Fuck Art, Let’s Dance,) (Nostrovia poetry) The Bracken, Kind of a Hurricane Press (Dreams and Nightmares Anthology,) Love Channels, seinundwerden, Anti-Heroin Chic.

The Weirderary, Three Drops from a Cauldron Anthology  (print) , and The Birds We Piled Loosely.

Poems accepted by Dirty Chai

Robot #10 (explorer) here at Bottlecap Press.

Robot #3 (malfunction) at Inklette.

Robot #18 (meal plan): concis.

In August I have some work forthcoming form Narrative Northeast, Algebra of Owls, and vox poetica.

Jellyfish Review is publishing my flash piece “The Heifers” in December.

I’ve had recent work accepted at Gingerbread House, The Riding Light Review, and BlueStem.

REVIEWS: (Sometimes I write reviews.)

Review of Sarah Marcus’ They Were Bears (Sundress)  The Sock Drawer

Review of Jessie Janeshek’s Channel U (grey book press, 2020.) Heavy Feather Review

Review of Kelly Schirmann’s Popular Music (Black Ocean) Tinderbox.

Here is my review of Saba Razvi’s “In the Crocodile Gardens” (Agape Editions) at Barrelhouse.

Review of Lisa Ciccarello’s “At Night”  (Black Ocean) at Whale Road Review.

Review of Kristina Marie Darling’s and John Gallaher’s GHOST/LANDSCAPE at Ploughshares Blog.

I write regular reviews for Agape Editions (a division of Sundress Publications.)

I wrote regular reviews for The Infoxicated Corner (currently on a break) Here are a few:

Here is my review of Christopher Morgan’s Fables With Fangs (Ghost City Press, 2016.)

Read my review of Caitlin Thomson’s “Incident Reports,” (Hyacinth Girl Press) here: at TheThePoetry.com’s The Infoxicated Corner.

My review of Ivy Alvarez’s “Hollywood Starlet” (Dancing Girl Press) at The Infoxicated Corner.

My review of Lauren Gordon’s “Fiddle is Flood “(Blood Pudding Press) is also up at The Infoxicated Corer.

My review of Angela Veronica Wong’s “25 Little Red Poems” (Dancing Girl Press.) is here.

Here is my review of Fox Frazier-Foley’s “The Hydromantic Histories”  at The Rumpus.

Review of Ruth Foley’s “Creature Feature” at The Rumpus.

My review of Sarah Winn’s “Portage” up at Horseless Press

Review of Arielle Greenberg’s “Locally Made Panties” at Agape Editions.

Review of Margaret Bashaar’s “Stationed Near the Gateway” at Agape Editions.

Art Project; Theme Park  (2014) Red Savina Review   (Art Project was nominated for the Best of the Net, 2014.) xo

Crab Fat Literary review: nominated a poem for Best of the Net 2015. xo

Flapperhouse and Rogue Agent nominated me for Best of the Net in 2016. xo

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