Sometimes I write reviews.

Review of Katie Manning’s 28,065 Nights at Agape Editions

Review of Sarah Marcus’ They Were Bears (Sundress)  The Sock Drawer

Review of Jessie Janeshek’s Channel U (grey book press, 2020.) Heavy Feather Review

Review of Kelly Schirmann’s Popular Music (Black Ocean) Tinderbox.

Here is my review of Saba Razvi’s “In the Crocodile Gardens” (Agape Editions) at Barrelhouse.

Review of Lisa Ciccarello’s “At Night”  (Black Ocean) at Whale Road Review.

Review of Kristina Marie Darling’s and John Gallaher’s GHOST/LANDSCAPE at Ploughshares Blog.

My review of Angela Veronica Wong’s “25 Little Red Poems” (Dancing Girl Press.) is here.

Here is my review of Fox Frazier-Foley’s “The Hydromantic Histories”  at The Rumpus.

Review of Ruth Foley’s “Creature Feature” at The Rumpus.

My review of Sarah Winn’s “Portage” up at Horseless Press

Review of Arielle Greenberg’s “Locally Made Panties” at Agape Editions.

Review of Margaret Bashaar’s “Stationed Near the Gateway” at Agape Editions.